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Need Base - Rainbow Home for girls


52 kg

New Mighty Grace Charitable Trust

Education Kit (Notebook)

0 no(s)

Juki Machine

168 no(s)

Normal Sewing Machine

85 no(s)


225 no(s)

Printer Cum Scanner

34 no(s)

Asha Kirana Seva Trust


82 no(s)

Covid kit

92 no(s)

Grocery Product

120 no(s)

Cooking Oil

98 no(s)


99 kg

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Revathi & Raksha Shetty

Happiee Souls is a miracle that I was searching for.

I am a book lover who is quite possessive about my books. There is hardly a book I’ve thrown away and this whole bundle has moved homes along with us. My mum’s house and mine had a cupboard full of books and clothes that were waiting to be owned. We were certain that we didn’t want to give it to radhi, just for few monies. My mum, in particular, was keen that we give it to someone who would appreciate it more.

HappieeSouls was just the platform that made my life more simple. Given our work schedule (and some procrastination), we were unable to search for any NGO. Sonika was a big help. She ensured that the books and clothes were picked from our doorstep. Our donation was part of a drive and I see the books and clothes that we donated in the video shared. I hope the girls enjoy the books as much as I did reading them.

Sonika has been very patient and prompt. She ensures that I'm updated about the time of pickup and to whom the donation has been given to. A photograph and a video was shared.

Thank you Happieesouls for helping me do a good deed.
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Shalini Jain

It was after a lot of searching in and around and browsing through the internet I found Happieesouls on Facebook. Anybody I asked to suggest a place to donate used clothes, the prompt warning that came was 'beware, people sell your stuff and make money. It never reaches the right ones who are in need.' But when I browsed through Happieesouls's website and FB page, there was an immediate assurance that my donation would reach the right hands.

Ms. Sonika's assistance and patient answers to my never ending questions made the whole process of the donation even more joyous. I was assured that I would be kept track of the distribution of my donation but it was such a pleasant surprise when almost in no time, I saw the pictures of many happy faces getting an opportunity to pick what suited their needs. Kudos to the entire team of happieesouls for running such a great enterprise that spreads happiness and joy relentlessly.
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