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10 things to do to have a blissful life !

Happy international day of happiness everyone!!!  Radiate Joie de vivre!!!

There is a shift in attitude of people all around the world. People now value human happiness and wellbeing for a progressing economy.

March 20 has been established as the annual International Day of Happiness!

Happiness is the fundamental human goal, if one is not happy internally then whats the point of having all the worldly pleasures.

So, the question is are you enjoying your life? Or the everyday stress, of lack of money, slow professional growth and no signs of any form of love, taking a toll on you.

We have all been put into an illusion that happiness is an external entity like of having a big house, a car or money pouring upon you. But the fact is a lot of what predicts our happiness is not external rather internal.

Real happiness seems so esoteric and understood by very few people.

India’s rank on happiness index is 118.

Here are few insights to keep yourself always happy:

1.Be around happy people:

That’s such an easy thing to do, isn't it?Happiness is extremely contagious, so by virtue of being around people who are always joyful is going to make you happy. Here, I’m not talking about having 1000 friends on your facebook friend list but, about people who you care for,can have a deep conversation and be complete self. Your happiness resonates and comes to back to you in manifold forms.

2.Pay attention to small things.

As said by a famous author Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, “take care of all the little things, and big things will fall in place”. Keep doing small things that give you happiness and lifts up your mood instantly.

Those few little things could be:

  • Take a walk on the beach.
  • Pursue a hobby.
  • Listen to t o good music.
  • Read books.
  • Play and keep yourself fit, that helps in the release of your endorphins.

3.Give/donate to people in need.

True giving is not something when you donate to people when you have more than enough for yourself. Rather, when you have just enough for you and donate some to the needy, that’s what is true giving and that is what will give you a true sense of contentment.

The donation could of any form:

  • Old books.Clothes that you don’t wear anymore.

Having a habit of donating now and then could help you increase happiness in life.

4.Relationships play one of the most vital role.

Want to give another name to happiness?It's a fruitful relationship. Having a deep relationship with your parents, sibling &  friends is key to an enduring happiness.We need to have lasting relationships. We need to confide. We need to get support and be able to give, just as much is required for happiness.

5.Focus on being happy in the moment.

It's pretty tough to define happiness. It’s a never-ending process and an abstract finish line. Just doing things that make you happy is the answer to it. Think about things that make you happy and pursue it irrespective of the feeling of getting judged.

6.Money may aid happiness, but will certainly not guarantee happiness.

There is no straightforward relationship between wealth and well-being. Once our basic material needs are satisfied (i.e. once we’re assured of regular food and adequate shelter and a basic degree of financial security), wealth only has a negligible effect on well-being.

Money can indeed buy you things that give you great pleasure. But, knowing to differentiate the thin line between need and greed can help you lead a happy life.

7.Have experiences that revive you.

Investing your time and money on experiences rather than possessions can boost happiness. Quite evidently, people get satisfied by the external possessions like that of an iPhone or supercar but these elements may fade away.But, experiences are immortal.

8.Happiness comes with age.

With age comes knowledge and experience.The more one grows older the more one realizes the importance of investing his/her time and money at the right places, eventually leading to a happier life. If you are a 20 someone, with time you will agree with me. Be patient.

9.Be an optimist.

Would sound like a cliché, but that the truth. Keep looking for good things around you and good will happen to you. Your thoughts inspire your action and your actions manifest things into a physical entity. Happiness is in your mind.

10.Know yourself.

The more one knows themselves, the more one takes decisions that can help in the betterment of their life and grow personally. Knowing your positives and the negatives, subsequently working on it will make your life better and happier.

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