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Vow to embark on healthy life on world health day - 6 easy ways to lead a healthy life!!!

Why not start with a cliché- Health is wealth, there's no one who doesn’t acknowledge this fact yet fail to implement this philosophy in their life. And here’s  6 easy ways through which one can keep themselves healthy:

  1. The daily  nutrition

On an average, a human being requires 2800 calories per day to work actively throughout the day. So, it's imperative that one has a proper diet with an equal share of proteins, carbs, and fats, ignoring any of these can end up giving trouble to both your mental and physical health condition. If you are not on a proper diet routine until now, it's time for you to now embark on a healthier lifestyle.

  1. The proper sleep

This generation of people do seem all nocturnal, everyone loves to go out and have fun in the night or some are really comfortable working at the night. But, the matter of the fact is we all need to understand the consequences of improper sleep and what it can do to us. It can lead to chronic diseases.  A night's proper sleep is vital for the mental health condition. We ourselves can see a difference in functioning when we do not have a good nights sleep. Giving enough rest to our body should be a top priority.

  1. Play everyday

So, however old one is, they should always spend some time in playing games. It could be anything, either indoor or outdoor, it will help the release of the endorphins and keep one in a healthy state of physical and mental health.

  1. Stay away from habits that damage your health

Agreed that it's very difficult to stay away from this world full of enticing things. But, certainly one must know the limit to draw the line, their body should be the utmost priority. Eating junk foods on a regular basis and having a habit of smoking & drinking will cost more than what one thinks. Respect your body now, and your body will respect you back years down the line.


  1. Avoid stressing over things – Just let it go!

A paramount importance has to be giving on this particular factor. Stress can sometimes latch onto one and cause all sorts of problems to the body and one might not even be knowing the fact that its all because of the stress. Be a happy go getting person, that will eventually keep you healthy.

6. Do some charity

This is something eccentric, so the question is how can this influence. Surprisingly, it does. When one donates to the needy there's an inner sense of contentment. And this good feeling is all we are talking about when we talk about health. Feel the good and live happily.

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