India is the most populous youngest country with 54% of population below 25 years of age. Naturally, in a country of this mass, there are a total of 1.26 million registered companies. According to a report published by PwC on World in 2050, India would outrank the US at 2nd place in world GDP ranking. What do all these numbers tell us? The obvious answer is – India is going to be a major contributor in shaping the world in 2050. But more importantly, looking at the current degenerative state of natural resources, India would share the onus to build a more sustainable world. 

The corporates of the world and specifically of India (considering they would have a key role to play in accelerating India to be a world leader) have a responsibility and choice to create a more sustainable world. Now, if you have been working long enough in corporate you might have already added the two 2’s and derived a 4. Corporates + sustainability = CSR. 

Why should Corporates engage in CSR?

Nevertheless, CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is a business’s approach to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits. Now before you say – “Isn’t that some kind of Greenwashing? “, I would direct you to my trusted pal – facts. A recent report published in Forbes magazine, found that 42% of how people feel about a company is based on their perception of its CSR activities. This means that nearly half of a company’s reputation is based on the public’s feelings about what the company is doing to support the community.

CSR activities have been proven to be effective at bringing about Innovation (you heard that right), cutting costs, brand positioning, building bonds with existing customers and reaching out to new customers. So, it is as important for a company to have a CSR strategy as a marketing strategy (some companies even playfully mix them up at times.)

The pandemic has changed processes, structures and altered our way of life significantly. Companies like Twitter and Facebook have embraced Work from Home as a permanent solution which is a win for a sustainable lifestyle itself. (Think about the huge share of non-renewable resources this is going to save.) There is also a growing need of ensuring safety protocols for both corporates and NGOs while conducting business as usual. Consequently, there is a need to shift CSR onto digital platforms. We need solutions that engage employees in CSR from the comfort of their home.

Why should you partner with Happieesouls?

As a corporate, making donations is great but even better is aligning with an organization which gives your company a platform to connect with numerous causes. After all, every CSR professional wants a diverse portfolio for their company. We are an ethical organization dedicated to the cause of sustainable lifestyle. If you are a corporate, you can partner with us through – 

  1. Digital CSR – We provide an online place to manage and maintain your CSR strategies in a transparent way, hence effectively and efficiently managing your budgets 
  2. Employee Engagement – As mentioned before, COVID times call for online solutions. We can also help you engage your employees in CSR through online channels, hence contribute to sustainability.
  3. Corporates for Causes – Ratan Tata famously said in an interview in 2015 that corporates should monitor their CSR spending and ensure they are being used for right causes. Spend your CSR budget wisely on a cause of your choosing. We work on promoting sustainability, education, health and hygiene, environment, nutrition, women empowerment and circular economy. 

What makes us different?

Happieesouls takes immense pride in providing help and support to over 250+ NGOs across the country with more than 10,000 beneficiaries. We strive to provide unique solutions for corporate CSR strategies. We believe in connecting corporates with grassroot level NGOs based on their cause in a direct manner. This cuts down wastage of your CSR budgets, helps you monitor the impact of your efforts and maintains transparency throughout the process. We also help you curate a CSR strategy that aligns with your goals and help you monitor the difference your organization is making for these causes. 

We believe in building a sustainable world and while CSR is not the panacea to the world’s problems, it certainly does start to move the needle towards a more circular economy.   

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