So What is happieesouls all about? How does it help an NGO? Is it beneficial for the user? To answer these questions, here we go with a very simple explanation of what happieesouls does..

It all started with the problem that there are 32 lakhs NGOs in India which exist primarily on papers but might not exist in reality. This questions credibility of those thousands of grassroots NGOs that are actually working for the people and making an impact day on day. Well, those are the ones we believe in.

We believe in the power of giving and give visibility to the change makers. Basically, Happieesouls is an NGO aggregation platform of genuine grassroots local NGOs. Happieesouls connects the NGOs, individuals and the corporates nearby. There are more than 100 NGO’s listed on its platform in a span of just 2 months and the numbers are soaring every day. Happieesouls’s mission is to get each and every genuine NGO its rightful donor who is presently concealed under the huge gap between the grassroots level orphanage, trust, home, foundation, society for the disadvantaged and the charitable donor. At Happieesouls, the NGO can launch itself nation-wide within few minutes.

Kritagyata an NGO, working towards the betterment of children and women in need, was one of the few  NGO’s that got onboard at the beginning of Happieesouls. As they got listed on happieesouls, their donations-in-kind started to soar. They created their own bucket-list and now receive their bucket list items at their doorstep. So is the case with Ashanilaya, Need Base India and so on, who are all NGO’s working towards the betterment of the people.

6 reasons why an NGO should get itself listed on happieesouls.

  • Online visibility

Things have changed tremendously in the last decade or so, and internet is shooting for the stars. What another way than the internet to get yourself noticed by a maximum number of people. An NGO that gets onboard will get maximum online visibility.

  • Untaped donor base

An NGO that’s been running for a while now will have a certain number of donor’s who contribute to them but only from a limited locality or source. Happieesouls provides an opportunity to the NGO’s to launch them nation-wide and get the untapped donor base.

  • Doorstep services

Happieesouls not only finds you the donor but also provides you with hassle free door-step delivery of the donations. What else can an NGO ask for? This is as good as it can get. Happieesouls picks up the donations from the donors and delivers it at the doorstep of the NGO which is in need of the supply.

  • Donor retention

From the NGO’s point of view, it’s most imperative that it does not lose its donor. The NGO definitely wants them to come back and do the donations. Happieesouls creates an ambiance and a working community where in the donors are willing to donate not just once, rather every time they get an opportunity.

  • Transparency

Happieesouls thrives on establishing an impeccably transparent platform both for the donor community and the NGO.

  • Bucket list feature

There are numerous features available for the NGO’s on Happieesouls’s platform, but this one is a flagship feature. Every NGO has its own kind of need based on their category and section of people they are addressing. At Happieesouls, the NGO can create a bucket list of all the items that they are in need of, find donors who are willing to donate.

Changing the way the NGO viewed in-kind donations.

#3 Easy steps to change your mentality about receiving donations

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on NGO login tab.
  3. Create your account.

And Ready to go!!!