In a country where marriage is often considered sacred and even quintessential for a woman,
and divorce gets looked at as a sign of failure, Simran, 22 years old is going against the tide
by standing on her feet even after the separation from her husband. Divorces are riddled with
stigma in India, especially for women who are not much educated. But now womans like
Simran are challenging that perception and pushing for a change for a better future of
themselves and whom they gave birth to.

How did it all start for Simran?

Simran is a 22 years old woman. At the age of 20, she got married and under one year of her
marriage she gave birth to a small baby girl, now to whom she looks up the most. Her husband
is an alcoholic and she tends to use various assertive, controlling, emotional and supporting
behaviours to change her husband’s drinking but not even a single improvement has shown
in his actions.
It started giving damage to her physical and emotional well-being because she wanted to
secure her daughter’s future. She is not that financially capable to educate her daughter
whereas she couldn’t also rely on her husband for a good future of her daughter. So, she talks
over to her parents about her bearings and future ambitions.
After a thorough negotiation, her parents brought her back to their house with her small
daughter so that their daughters won’t suffer anymore. Now that didn’t stop Simran to chase
her dreams. She wanted to do something for her daughter and wanted to break the so-called
stereotype of society: “women can’t live a good life without their husbands”.
She’s currently studying and working as a seamstress in a NGO to earn her living. It’s a sad
truth that a vast number of people give up on their dreams because they can’t bear the
struggles they’re presently going through. But the struggle is what makes a person strong and
the story of Simran is a great example to empower many womans to stand up for themselves.
There are thousands of Simrans working in various NGOs who are struggling to uplift
themselves in such competition.
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