Rakhi is considered divine as it represents a brother’s promise to his sister that he will protect her until death. On this day, sisters pray for their brothers’ health and well-being and, in exchange, receive gifts from their brothers.

Raksha Bandhan is not all about rakhi, gifts, sweets and fun, it’s about the promise to each other that no matter what a brother will always protect her sister from every situation. India is country where we follow unity in diversity. We Indians are confident in our ability to carry out our promises. And in our pledge, we all say, “All Indians Are My Brother And Sister.” Doesn’t matter if it’s our sister or someone else’s, we must protect her at all cost from every suffering situation.

There are many deprived women who can’t need to become self-sufficient and live a dignified life. So, this Rakhi you can assist many skilled underprivileged sisters of NGOs who are making handmade products to live an economically independent life and in this way is economic empowerment has been repeatedly demonstrated to be the most effective weapon against poverty. Giving young women the ability to work protects them from human trafficking. Gender equality reduces all forms of violence. Increased participation of women in the labour force who would otherwise stay at home leads to an increase in GDP and helps the country’s economy. Vocational training in both rural and urban areas increases the likelihood of workforce participation.


NGO Bazaar for underprivileged women as part of the Women Empowerment Program to help them learn essential skill sets that will allow them to support themselves. These women are mostly poor and victims of domestic violence, and they lack the necessary skills and resources to purchase any raw materials needed to produce anything, as well as sales experience to sell the produce and earn a living. These women are mostly uneducated and are forbidden by their families from working in offices or markets. Families are conservative, and women are expected to handle household chores and child care on their own.

NGO Bazaar’s follow-up and support are provided to assist them in becoming self-sufficient. The E-commerce platform help these women sell their products online.

NGO Bazaar believes in skill development and assist them in learning the necessary skills to generate a living. Through this women of NGO’s are leaning variety of skills such as hand embroidery, painting methods, stitching, jewellery making, bags, candle making, home decor, and so on.

So, this Rakhi your support and purchase from NGO Bazaar can imp0ct hundreds of lives and can provide a steady source of income for these underprivileged women. As these women gain financial independence, they are able to better care for their families and live a more dignified life.

So, let’s shop from NGO Bazaar and help 100 sisters to fight every situation for themselves.


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