India’s first online marketplace for grassroots NGOs to create a sustainable income for underprivileged communities and budding artisans.

Happieesouls, an online platform that is restructuring and digitalising the much unorganized cluttered old goods donation market for good; announces launch of NGO Bazaar. NGO Bazaar is an e-commerce platform for NGOs to sell their handmade products that are created, made and designed by these people. Every product sold has a story and a battle behind it. This initiative is taken to improve the standard of living and to create a livelihood for the upcoming artisans and their respective families. With the monetary gain, the platform also ensures employment opportunities and helps them to gain confidence to hold their heads high. As Happieesouls works with these NGOs that includes women empowerment groups and communities that work to bring the people out of their exploitative situations like for transgender, humantrafficking, genderbasedviolence and more.

In India’s economy, handmade products represent a significant element of the unorganized sector. These typically necessitate manual skills and symbolize Indian tradition in some way. However, on the ground, these artisans in the making confront obstacles such as a lack of funding, limited technological penetration, a lack of market data, and a weak institutional framework to sell out their handmade products at the initial stage. To address these challenges and to encourage the talent of local artisans, Happieesouls has come up with the launch of NGO Bazaar with tons of solutions for those who are working with NGOs, SHGs and small communities.

NGO Bazaar encourages the NGOs that are training unskilled people from underprivileged background into skilled artisans and expanding their producer base. Also, these trained people will be able to further impart their skills to several other newbies where other artisans can also gain momentum with their skills and talent. Happieesouls bridges the gap and provides an online sales platform for these NGOs. These NGOs keep mentoring and providing digital literacy to these folks hence enhance their skills to generate income on a long-term basis. NGO Bazaar is highly focused on supporting the grassroots level NGOs who do not get enough funding to promote themselves at a big level.

To give them an identity in the society, NGO Bazaar empowers grassroots to bring openness and accountability to the development sector at the grassroots level, as well as to strengthen the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid. This platform also encourages design sensitization, product development, skill development, etc of the artisans. Also significantly support the environment by promoting a reduction in wastage of raw material and increased usage of recycled materials. With eco-friendly sustainable development, NGO Bazaar also leads to the recognition of traditional art & craft at various platforms across India and abroad, livelihood improvement, sustainable income generation, women empowerment, discrimination and elevating the economic & social status of various artisans and artists. Our goal is to positively impact the budding artisans and skilled labour to provide them with gainful & continuous employment. Our only goal is to transform lives positively.

We have seen more and more grassroots NGOs adopting better business practices. So, in conclusion, we wish to support the grassroots initiative that contributes to poverty reduction, providing food security, ensuring healthy lives, promoting wellbeing for all, ensuring equitable quality education, gender equality and empowering women. Our motive is to support millions of communities, local groups and grassroots NGOs throughout the year. Let’s come up together by creating positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities by shopping from NGO Bazaar!
Happy Handmade Shopping!

About Happieesoul:
Happieesouls, started the donation pick up services in the Dec 2020 post pandemic when most of the grassroots NGOs were struggling with supplies while the entire nation focus was on oxygen supplies. Happieesouls has till date delivered more than 1 lakhs of supplies that includes clothing for men, women, children, toys, stationery, furniture, sports items, utensils and even bicycles and more to more than 150 NGO partners across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolkatta. With the launch of NGO Bazaar, Happieesouls envisions to increase the employability or income generating abilities for the marginalised group of people supported by grassroots NGOs. The cycle of old goods donation continues and completes a 360 degrees cycle of recycling and upcycling of those goods creating a circular economy.