New Ministry efforts include beneficiary-oriented Self-Employment programmes, aim to revitalise the grassroots economy and contribute to the AtmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. To look at handmade art with care and compassion, since it’s almost as if you’re listening to an artist talk via his work.

NGO Bazaar is also working for the same to provide visibility and viability to the small-scale NGOs, communities and SHGs. The ‘NGO Bazaar’ is an enormous platform, providing market and opportunities to artisans of NGOs, who prepare these indigenous exquisite handmade products.

NGO Bazaar will become an effective platform to strengthen the mission of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘vocal for local’ initiative by promoting and encouraging indigenous products of master artisans. The following pointers listed below exactly sum up what NGO Bazaar is actually aiming for:

  • In order to enhance the production and technical knowhow of artisans, NGO Bazaar has given a platform to develop new products at reduced costs.
  • To provide skill-development to SHGs of artisans on focused /decorative products, with new designs.
  • To encourage the successful NGOs to set up their own handmade brands.
  • To develop necessary market linkages by tying up with exports and large buying houses for handmade.
  •  To innovate new products and raw materials to make international scale handmade in the country.
  • To provide a sustainable and healthy way of income to the artisans of grassroots level NGOs and community.

Rare and exquisite products made of scrap material and high-quality sanitized discarded cloth have been put up for display and are available for sale at the ‘NGO Bazaar’. So, as far as across the country, lakhs of artisans & craftsmen can get employment and income opportunities at their own NGO or community.

These are the skills that will benefit the artisans and their respected NGOs and communities.

  1. Skill-development of artisans.
  2. Enhance the production of products.
  3. Reduce the cost of production.
  4. Develop necessary market linkages.
  5. Product Development.
  6. Quality standardization of products.
  7. Value addition to the products.
  8. Visibility.

A vast number of NGO (traditional or non-traditional) artisans will get benefitted from NGO Bazaar’s initiative supported by Happieesouls.

  • In order to create sustainable employment.
  • To provide supplementary income to artisans.
  • To create awareness about handmade talent.
  • To help artisans adopt scientific modern management practices.
  • To utilize available natural resources and recycling materials.
  • To create awareness about the benefits of handmade on ecology and human life.

In addition to creating additional income sources through these employment opportunities, the ultimate objective of NGO Bazaar is to make India self-sufficient in these products and also to eventually capture the export markets.