Babasaheb Ambedkar was a social reformer and fought for the discriminated and the underprivileged. Born in a Dalit family, he in his early stage of life had realised the socio-economic setbacks and worked towards the upliftment of the lower strata of the society. He has done his part and contributed immensely to protect them.

As a common man, what have we done? We must agree that we have all been ignorant to the suffering that is happening around us.  However, it could possibly be because we might not have found enough time, or wouldn’t have figured the right place, people to help and there is a limit to how much an individual could contribute. Thinking all of these rudimentary facts, we eventually gave up the thought of charity.

It’s time to give up those thoughts, come together and if not as much as what Babasaheb did we can do just one small thing. Be it giving our old clothes to people in need or contribute a small amount for children’s educational summer camp.

Few small ways to help the unfortunate ones.

  • Donate your old clothes & household items.

Do not throw away your used clothes when we have an option to give it to poor. We can afford to get new clothes every now and then, but, some people do not have that privilege.Anything you consider of no use can be of great value to the one who can not afford it.

  • Give your old books and share your knowledge.

When we Indians see an old trunk full of books, we generally intend to give it to a ragpicker and make something out of it. Instead, give it to a kid who is curious but does not have the resources to fulfil his curiosity.

  • Donate a small amount of money to children’s education.

Crushing the prejudiced mentality of “How is my small donation going to make a difference”,  we must make our contribution irrespective of how small we think it is. There are established groups who are working for the cause, all we have to do is help them along in the process, doesn’t matter how much contribution you are making, the fact that you are contributing is sufficient.

  • Spend time with people who seek love.

Of all the things a philanthropist could do, the best he or she can is to spend time at an old age or an orphanage. Money and material at some level can be attained but giving one’s precious time is above all. Spending time at an old age home can alleviate the pain of  someone’s old mother, she is going to value it more than your monetary help

  • Adopt an animal.

Why adopt? Animals are going to fill the void in your life, the one that you never knew you had. The unconditional love irrespective of colour, race,  sex and name will overwhelm you. They will make you a better person than you were before and your life better.

Now, these are small things each one of us can do. Babasaheb Ambedkar had said that “Life should be great rather than long” and a greater life is one where we are able to make others life better. AtHappieesouls we work hard to make this process of giving easier and convenient for you. Happiness lies in giving, the more we give the more we receive.

Choose the path you think is best to give and spread smiles. Viva la.