It’s the Christmas time of the year again!! We are all getting ready to celebrate it together with family & friends.

For most of us, this is the time of holidays, gifts, Christmas tree, cakes, cookies, vacation plans and get-togethers and a time to get ready for the new year.

For many others around us, this is the time of just a small hope to receive a gift they wished for a very long time. These are the many less fortunate people in the orphanages, old-age homes in our neighborhoods, especially children. These are those who cannot even dream of celebrating any festivals.

What is the least we can do to uplift their spirit during the season?

The spirit of Christmas is in the power of giving and helping people around us celebrate along with us. This is the best way of celebration!!

The least we can do is to put aside some of our Christmas gifts that we don’t intend to use and which would lie untouched in our homes otherwise. There will also be a lot of books, clothes, and toys that are redundantly lying around in our home, which are in a good state and can be re-used. There are many people around us who are in the real need of these things. By donating these items, we can take the pleasure of uplifting their spirit and bring smiles on their faces during this Christmas. This is the best charity we can do for the season.

This would not only give us a great amount of satisfaction of doing our bit to the community, it would also mean a lot to those people receiving them and as well change the perspective they see the world as this small gesture of ours could bring them a lot of hope in their life.

Never underestimate the power of giving, be it a small gesture of a friendly smile or a huge donation, you never know how it changes someone’s life!!

Get Ready to donate your unused gifts and goods to the underprivileged people in your neighborhood NGOs. Help them celebrate this season with joy and cheer and spread the happiness across!!

HappieeSouls is there to help you in this good act 😊

You can donate directly to grassroot level NGOs from the safety of your homes. You can book a doorstep pick-up service with us to donate your  unwanted Christmas gifts for good this festive season!

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