There is a tremendous digital revolution around us these days. People are moving towards cryptocurrency and Metaverse from the real world. Though this seems terrifying, there is still some extent of the digital world that is helping people in a human way.

With the rise of the pandemic from the past two years, there are many people around us who needed help more than before and also more people who are willing to offer help than before as well. The connection between both these groups is not working too well as our movement is restricted due to lockdowns and for safety purposes during this period. Due to this, the many small grass-root level NGOs, orphanages, old age homes that used to have regular donor visits are affected badly.

There are also many corporates that are encouraging their employees to be socially responsible and do their bit to these organizations. The employees can donate their used goods to help the people in need of them. They also encourage them to spend time in such NGOs to understand their needs and offer timely help.

All this is hampered due to the rise of the pandemic and people working remotely. However, the solution to this problem is handy with HappieeSouls.

There is another way to help the people in need and make your donations. Yes, that is the Digital Way!!

HappieeSouls is offering a service to pickup your donations from your door step and send them to the right NGO that requires those items. Instead of dumping all the donations to a single NGO, we segregate your picked-up donations and send them to the right NGO which actually requires them.

Please Go Digital and Go to for more details.

This Christmas make a charity in the digital way!!