Circular Economy is the need of the hour

           With the New Year comes new resolutions. This new year we can think of a resolution which not only impacts us personally but also the world around us.

If we observe closely, the world we were born is not same as the world we saw as a teenager which is again not same as the current world. This is not about the social changes we are observing, this is about the environmental changes that are drastically happening degrading the quality of the atmosphere on Earth.

The pace at which this is happening is very concerning. We, as the present occupants of this Earth have the responsibility to set this right in our own possible way.

The solution to this is the Circular Economy which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.


By following these 10 R principles in our daily life, we can help ourselves.

  • Refuse. We consume more than we need. Usage of more goods than we require is to be refused
  • Rethink. Every product and every system need to be rethought with a focus on how to reduce its environmental impact
  • Reduce. Do more with less. To achieve this, we need to use and manufacture products in smarter ways
  • Reuse.  consumers buy 60% more clothes than in 2000, but keep each garment half as long. Reduce carbon emissions. More reuse of clothes and other items should be encouraged
  • Repair. Throw away culture has become a sad reality in today’s society. Affordable repair solutions and better product manufacture demand should start
  • Refurbish. Refurbishing is the process of restoring an old or discarded product and bringing it up to date to serve its initial function. Enhancing the refurbishment of products can decrease the need for new materials, resulting in a reduction of waste and carbon emissions.
  • Remanufacture. Remanufacture, or reconditioning, involves refurbishing and re-using parts of a discarded product in a new product with the same function.
  • Repurpose Upcycling – repurposing a discarded product into a new one with a different function – is a growing trend.
  • Recycle Do you think all the recycled waste is really being recycled. Only 9% of the used materials are recycled. Awareness of recycling has started now with more and more recyclable products and packaging.
  • Recover Break down biodegradable waste into materials we can use to generate energy, as well as reduce pollution, water acidification and carbon emissions.


HappieeSouls is supporting the Circular Economy and if you want to be a part of it please feel free to contact for more details