On our special days, we usually party with friends, eat good food, buy new clothes and treat ourselves well to make us happy. However, if you extend this happiness to more people, it would bring us multi-folded happiness and satisfaction.

In fact, introducing this as a habit to our next generation is so important, that the young kids understand the power of giving and empathize the under-privileged and unfortunate kids of their same age and care to bring smiles on their faces . By teaching your children the value of giving rather than receiving, you’re instilling in them a sense of pride and self-esteem; character traits that will take them far as they grow. Brain storming with them on what causes they are more interested to support can also be done. Kids surprise us with their simple but brilliant answers on their views. You can also try volunteering with your kids, as you are their role model and their learning starts from you.

In  some countries, volunteering is a mandatory activity to kids in their schools to earn their grades. India started implementing the same thing in some schools, but have to extend it across all levels of schools through out the country. By cultivating such values from an young age is so important not only for the community but also in their personal growth and eventually Better India can be built with these young citizens.

You can start slow, by having them donate their

  1. Old clothes
  2. Toys
  3. Spend their birthdays in the nearby NGO

This will be the most rewarding thing that you can give your kids. Try it out on their next special occasion !!

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