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  • Bridging the gap between NGOs and donors- Say hello to Happieesouls!

    Why Give?



    There’s a beauty in giving, for one feels like they have reinvigorated their life, be it in a small way and as per the law of universe the more one donates, the more one receives. One need not be rich to give something back to the society, rather one must have been through the tough times to know the luxury of giving.

    The philanthropist's queries

    Every human has a philanthropic side in them and when an average charitable-minded person looks out to donate, there’s a number of question that is evident to pop up in their mind.

    • Firstly, where do I do the charity?
    • Secondly, what do I donate?
    • And finally, how do I do it?

    Apart from these, there are another set of ambiguity in the mind of the donor which eventually hinders their idea of giving, which is if the donation is reaching to the rightful receiver and is the NGO that is taking the accountability a trusted one.

    The other side of the coin.

    This was from the donor’s shoes and looking from the NGO’s perspective, there are a lot of people in the world who have a magnanimous personality but they aren’t able to find the kind of NGO they would want to donate to. They seem to be concealed under this enormous gap. The NGO’s are not able to tap into the donor’s community. One realizes this gap only when they get onto the field.

    Mission Happieesouls

    So, our mission at Happieesouls is to plug-in the huge gap between donor and its rightful receiver. Happieesouls is a search and discovery platform for all the NGO’s near you. In this busy schedule of our life, it’s predicament for one to take some time out and get to the needy in person, we at Happieesouls provide a platform to do that at your fingertips and savor the impact that one has created.

    Join the mission @happieesouls

    • The Donor

    An individual, a family can look out for the in-kind supplies they would like to donate to a verified NGO on our portal.

    • The NGO

    The NGO can get listed on our platform and make a bucket list of all the necessary items and receive in-kind donations.

    Questions answered!

    At Happieesouls, we thrive to ease the process of giving. The answer for a philanthropist's when, where and how is here at Happieesouls. We have set out to bring a change initially at the local level and eventually spreading the aura nationwide. We envision to find every donor his NGO and get all the authentic NGO’s in India listed on our platform.


  • 5 Things you should teach your child by the age of five

    1. Love


    In today’s hectic schedules, work timings and competition to be successful, parents find themselves neglecting the most important aspect of any relationship. Communication. At the end of a tiring work day, just kissing your child and going to sleep isn’t enough. The child will have to see that you are showing love and respect towards him or her and other people in the family.

    We tend to assume that children are naturally affectionate and loving, which they are. But when the love is not reciprocated, that tends to build walls around them.

    The more you tell your child you love them, the more the child will love you back. The more hugs and kisses you shower your kid with, the more your house becomes a home.


    2. Honesty

    giphy (1)

    It is so important to build character and integrity, which comes from a very basic principle in life. Honesty. We want to teach our kids to be truthful no matter how hard it is, whatever difficult situations might arise, it takes courage to stand up for what is right. The only way to do this is to show this to your child and be this way in front of them.

    Your child takes his cues from you, so it's important that you try to avoid any kind of deception, even a seemingly innocent one. (Never, for instance, say something like "Let's not tell Dad we got chocolate this afternoon.") Let your child hear you being truthful with other adults.

    If your child sees that you are honest and truthful, then he will mimic what he sees and pick up it up early on.

    Another way to help your child be honest is to not overreact when your child lies to you. By simply stating things like “Hey, I am not going to yell at you, think about it for a minute and tell me what really happened.” or even by appreciating your child when he/she is honest goes along way in building your child’s principles and values.


    3. Thinking about others feelings

    giphy (4)

    We most often neglect helping children be considerate towards other people’s feelings. At a small age it helps if they understand that they can help someone else feel better, which in turn makes that person nicer to your child. The incentive of having that reciprocation of good vibes will be enough for your child to consider what they might say.

    For instance:

    Pooja was frustrated because her daughters, ages 4 and 5, were fighting every time she took them to the supermarket, "I finally told them that we needed to figure out how to do our shopping without everyone, including me, feeling upset," Pooja says.

    The mom asked the girls for suggestions on how to make the trip to the supermarket a better experience for all. The 5-year-old suggested that they bring snacks from home so they wouldn't fight for ice-cream. The 4-year-old said she would sing quietly to herself so she would feel happy.

    The girls remembered their promises, and the next trip to the supermarket went much more smoothly. Leaving the store, the younger girl asked, "Do you feel upset now, Mummy?" The mother told her that she felt just fine and appreciated how nice it was that nobody got into an argument.

    Do these small problem-solving exercises actually help a child learn the value of consideration? Yup. Over time, even a young child sees that words or actions can make another person smile or feel better, and that when she's kind to someone else, that person is nice to her. This feedback encourages other genuine acts of consideration and kindness.


    4. Forgiveness

    giphy (6)

    There are always going to be disagreements, mistakes and arguments in your children’s lives. There will be situations where they will have to sometimes ask for forgiveness.

    The trick here is to not just encourage your child to apologise by saying “sorry”, which is quite important, but also to help them understand where they have gone wrong and why they are apologising. Just simply stating “sorry” is quite easy.

    For instance if your child breaks another child’s toy, our immediate reaction is to rush to him and ask him to apologise. It is better to, instead in a calm demeanour to take your child to the side and understand why he must have broken the toy. If it is because of jealousy, envy or anger, we can help them understand why they are having these feelings and create an open line of communication.

    Most importantly, this brings in the aspect of forgiveness. We can educate them about the harm that they did, due to those feelings and the impact it has had on the other child. It will help your child see clearly on what went wrong. Help him think of a way to compensate. Maybe he can make amends by offering his toy to play. Perhaps he could draw for his sister after fighting with her all day.

    By encouraging your child to make such gestures, you emphasize the importance of treating people fairly, an essential value that will one day help him negotiate the complicated world of relationships.


    5. Determination

    giphy (5)

    Five-year-old Vinay showed his father a square he made with clay. "That's very nice and has a good shape," he told him. "Nice job!" The child then ran to his room and made another square to bring to his dad for praise-then another and another.

    "Each one was worse than the last," his father said. "I didn't know what to say." A good response might have been: "Well, Vinay, that square isn't as carefully done as your other one. Did you try your best on that?"

    Determination is a value that you can encourage from a very young age. The easiest way to do so is by avoiding too much praise and by providing children with honest feedback, delivered in a gentle, calm and supportive manner.


    Another way to help your kids develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don't come easily and to appreciate and praise them for their start. If your son is the shy-type, quietly encourage him to approach other kids in the play-area, even if it makes him feel nervous. If your daughter is quick to show her temper, teach her strategies (such as counting to ten or taking a deep breath) for holding back anger. Praise kids when they manage to do things that are difficult for them. If he/she hears "Good going, I know that was really tough!", then they are pushed by the recognition and become even more determined to keep trying.


    Want to help other children who need care? Visit to know how you can help!



  • 5 reasons how helping others can help you live longer

    A new research has shown that helping others seems to improve health and wellness. The research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, found that donating to charity may actually improve the giver’s emotional and physical health.

    Here we look at five reasons how it helps:

    1)      Helping others heals

    When you volunteer to help others you will realize that you are also helping yourself. The act of kindness helps in healing the wounds left behind by the loss of a loved one. Any work related to charity helps in overcoming grief, studies claim.

    Seeing those orphans smiling ear to ear and eating ice-cream you bought them, must have left a positive feeling within your heart!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.13.15 pm

    Source: Ourwonderfulworld2011.blogspot

    2)      Giving boosts mood

    A study out of England’s University of Exeter Medical School examined groups of volunteers and found that those who gave were less prone to depression and even lowered existing depression in them, due to the satisfaction and mood lift gained through giving.

    Remember how it felt when you gave a poor child some money or gave a homeless man food?

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.13.27 pm


    3)      Helps beat stress

    In this fast paced world, you are constantly expected to perform at your highest to achieve. This creates a lot of stress and studies have proved that giving reduces stress significantly. Focusing on the needs of others helps you manage stress more effectively.

    That marathon you ran for creating awareness about AIDS made you feel lighter, didn’t it?

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.13.36 pm

    Source: AllianceBlog

    4)      An act of kindness to improve immunity

    When you give, be it money, time, energy, kindness or even donate your old stuff, it gives back! Scientists attest that giving to others has a positive effect on your immune system due to increased serotonin production. This brain chemical regulates mood, calms anxiety and emits a “feel good” reaction that strengthens the function of the immune system.

    Helping that old woman cross the road made you a little bit stronger!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.13.44 pm


    5)      Gives us purpose

    We all want to do something that creates an impact. We want to be a part of the change. Giving provides us that purpose and meaning for life. For example, looking at the difference made by giving makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

    Spending time at an old age home and making them laugh not only added happiness to them but also added meaning to your life!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.14.02 pm

    Source: DailyMail

    If you haven’t given yet, don’t worry. Every day is a new day. You can still spread your beautiful smile onto others! Search discover and spend time at an ngo near you. Visit!

  • “She shook a leg with each of them, sang a medley of songs and ended the day with ice-cream and chips- priceless moments at the old age home”

    Ever wondered if the child in us leaves as we grow? No it doesn’t? And this is why i would like to share an experience that proved the same. As a member of the Art of Living, Delhi, i Jyoti Dhyani and other members of the clan decided to make a trip and visit the senior citizens living in an old age home in Delhi.

    It was a bright sunny day when we gathered the folks of Art of Living, Delhi, and headed on to the old age home. Some of us prepared homemade meals, knowing fully well that would be one of the best and easiest ways to get to the heart of the senior citizens; food has its own magic when prepared with love. Along with food items, some volunteers brought in caskets of fruits too; which were relished by the senior folks.

    The Art of Living, Delhi teaches us to be kind souls, and to generously be there for humanity around. This is an experience that taught us how it feels to be left by the ones we brought up. Money and all the luxuries in life is what we seek; but sometimes human interaction on empathic forms can make a difference.

    The senior citizens at the old age home were ever so pleased to have us over. Their eyes swelled with joy and tears flowed when we presented the homemade preparations for them. They finally had an outlet; someone to hear and speak to them of their problems in life. It was emotional to know that many were left behind, and some chose to stay here because of the reasons they couldn’t control. The tears said it all; it is a human touch, a hug or an assurance that they needed the most- the Art of Living, Delhi was glad to be of help that day.

    Amidst all the emotions flowing, some of them were children at heart. They sang and danced, and made us smile; a mask they threw off to bring back the joys of living. All they need is love; this is what my friends and I from the Art of Living, Delhi realised.

    A promise to re-visit them is what they asked; without a doubt that shall happen again and soon. But before we left, the chirpy freckles and gleeful wrinkles on each face, told us about the child-like demands they have- they wanted chips, cold drinks and ice-cream. Proof once again, the child within us is always alive; we have made the little one dormant in this materialistic world.

  • Why the small joys in life are usually the best !

    In this materialistic world where our mind and brain is half taken by technology, where crime and fear exists at every single step, amidst all this, happiness and true love exists. Above all trust between strangers exist. And how do I know this? For my 30th birthday, I decided to visit an old age home. So, on the 8th of February 2016, I went to this old age home called Kalyan Ashram in this lovely place, Moran. If I can recall correctly, there were around twenty three old couples. The homely feeling that you get when you look at their wrinkly skin and warm smiles, is one of the best feelings to cherish for the rest of my life.

    First we greeted each and everyone of them and the reaction I got in return for my presence was as though they were collectively blessing me. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you’re the reason for someone else’s smile!

    Then we gathered around to cut my birthday cake. After this, we all spoke about many different things and it was interesting to listen to their insights on several matters. I found out what they loved to eat, so that I could bring all the food that they liked when I go back there the next time. We had a hoot of a time, laughing and chatting for several hours. Time flew as we sat there discussing matters at length and laughing till our stomachs hurt! Finally it was time for me to leave the place. With a heavy heart and a teary eye, I wished each of them goodbye and promised them, I’d be back very soon. Never had I felt so satisfied in my life, As I had seen all the strangers from different places forming a happy family.

    The joy of giving someone happiness has got no bounds. As to the moment I stepped out of Kalyan Ashram, I could recall Mother Teresa’s famous line - “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

  • Monegar and Rajah of Venkatagiri Choultry

    The place I visited was Monegar and Rajah of Venkatagiri Choultry which has its history from 1782.It is currently an orphanage asylum for old people who are of the age of 60s-70s. The day started with the orientation about the choultry. After which we met the old people in that home. We were nearly 60 people visited the home as a part of CSR weekly national volunteering. I was one of the coordinators of the event. I started interacting with them which gave happiness for both of us. They treated me like their grandchild for which tears came rolling down. The happiest moment was that I met a grandpa who has the same name of my own grandpa. I started interacting with him more from which I came to know that he was once a wealthy and happiest person but now shifted to this home, because his children were busy in looking at their own lives. We both (I and grandpa) shared so much of thoughts about the present lifestyle and his daily activities. We did some drawings, coloring and sang songs for a long time. I was just admiring the way he speaks English being an 8th standard qualified. We organized a ball passing game for all of them, in which so many actively participated, danced, sang songs so happily. At last we had some planned dance flash mobs, planted some saplings around the home and left sadly in the hope of meeting them all again.

  • “There was a sense of calm and peace on each face i interacted with or saw. Much unlike the many faces I see every day, wherever I go.”

    Whilst we all have our busy lives to attend, at school, college or at work, there are a few souls forgotten by society or maybe shunned, I am not too sure. As a youngster myself, I think of the best moments i have with friends, and shudder at the thought of being left alone. My visit to the St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi made me realise this more.

    It was on a vacation to the capital bustling city of India, New Delhi, where I happened to have a chance to visit and volunteer at an old age home. The first thought before I even went into the premises was that of sick and lonely aged men and women, in their last years of lives living under the care of compassionate people, nuns and volunteers. But I was wrong.

    This was my first visit to St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi and boy did it change my perception of life. It was a field project though, which was assigned to me by my institute and my task was to interact, understand and pen down the experiences I encounter with senior citizens that don’t live with their families anymore.

    As i walked into St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi, I was greeted with smiles and a couple of welcoming nods. This was a place not like the other old age homes I have been to or visited. There were many happy smiling faces around, living their lives in bliss and total harmony. There was a sense of calm and peace on each face i interacted with or saw. Much unlike the many faces I see every day, wherever I go.

    It seemed that life didn’t stop for these lovely souls living at St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi. For them, it was another joyful phase of life; one that they accepted with total harmony and their only aim was to co-exist lovingly amongst one another.

    Upon interacting with my friends and me, i was surprised that they knew what ‘selfies’ were all about, because they jolly well posed for many. Story telling was part and parcel, where they shared with us their journey of life, of the past that once was and must I say, I saw a light glow on their face and in their eyes when they expressed their words and emotions.

    Maybe physically they have aged, but the heart is still young for the many living at St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi. Testimony to the same being the many games they played and taught us, and the way they shared the home made food we brought for them- it reminded me of sitting in school with my friends and sharing lunch tiffins- the same experience I found with them too.

    At St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi, i happened to meet a lady, aged 106! And was she the jolliest of them all, proving age was just a number. I sat back while she sang and took pictures with us, and exchanged numbers with us too- she was savvy with modern technology- I was now no more amazed. I wonder what her story in the past was like, because she was more concentrated on having fun with us than talking about anything else.

    Whatever be it, she was the happiest soul around at St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi. And along with her, i met another grand aunty with a penchant for gardening. Her green thumb did wonders for the premises around, and even at this age considers her hobby as caring for her children. Apart from gardening, the grand aunty had a sense of fashion- her collection of chic sarees said it all, and she also had a pretty room- she loves home decor too.

    What i learnt from my visit at the St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi, is that life does go on, no matter what. Living till the last breath with plenty of positivity and utmost glee should be our goal- our generation somewhere has lost that in a world that runs too fast. I was inspired and am going to come back to visit the lovely souls at St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi soon. If you really want to know the true meaning of life; St. Mary's Old Age Home, New Delhi is the place that can teach you a lot- drop by and experience the zest that doesn’t come from the material world outside.

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