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It’s not how much you give

but how much love you put in giving

Help an NGO near you by donating in kind– like grocery, stationery, diapers, toys, mattresses, clothes, computers and more online

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How it works?

  1. Discover NGOs near you and help them by giving exactly what they need.
  2. Donate supplies like grocery, stationery, diapers, toys, computers, toiletries or furniture etc.
  3. Get instant update on the impact you are creating.
  4. Spend time with the NGOs nearby and spread happiness

How can you Help?

Your Guide to "Intelligent Giving"

NGO Bazaar

Buy handmade products from NGOs

When you shop here, you spread happiness in the loves of others that supports grassroots NGOs, underprivileged artisans, and sustainability ventures, and provides them with sustainable income. Coming soon


Revathi & Raksha Shetty

Happiee Souls is a miracle that I was searching for. I am a book lover who is quite possessive about my books. There is hardly a book I’ve thrown away and this whole bundle has moved homes along with us. My mum’s house and mine had a cupboard full of books and clothes that were waiting to be

Shalini Jain

It was after a lot of searching in and around and browsing through the internet I found Happieesouls on Facebook. Anybody I asked to suggest a place to donate used clothes, the prompt warning that came was 'beware, people sell your stuff and make money. It never reaches the right ones who are in nee