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NGO Registration- Terms & Condition

  • Any NGO that meets happieesouls selection criteria and passes our due diligence can register to raise donations in kind on happieesouls. Please register by visiting the NGO membership section of the website. All happieesouls NGO members, at a minimum, must meet the following criteria:
  • Registered as a Non-governmental organization(NGO) or non-for-profit organization or equivalent in its local jurisdiction
  • It should have some form of internal organizational structure, and have relative consistency of goals, structures and activities and meaningful organizational boundaries including identifiable members
  • The supplies(donations in kind) generated by the organization should not be returned or distributed to the owners or directors
  • The organization must benefit the community as a whole or an appreciable section of the community and the beneficiaries should be the disadvantaged and unprivileged sections of the community
  • The Non-profit should not have abetted or committed any act of violence and must not be associated with any individuals or groups who advocate, promote or engage in the use of violence in any form.
  • Honest in its internal and external communications
  • The organization must be willing to provide prompt report on the usage of funds and progress of the project for which it received donations.
  • The organization is committed to updating donors at least every three months on the progress of the project it list
  • The organization's staff must have the ability to communicate with happieesouls in English, including translating documents
  • The organization does not discriminate in selecting its staff, board, and beneficiaries on the basis caste, creed, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation etc.

Also, ensure that you have the following documents ready, before you get listed on

  • Registration certificate for your organisation
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • Audited statement for the last year along with the name and contact details of the auditor mentioned in the statement.
  • Account statement for last two months from any reputed bank
  • Tax exemption certificate issued to your organisation (80G/35AC/12A, etc.) (If any)
  • International Grant/Fund receiving approval letter as per the law of the land by
  • Government/State agency ( For e.g. FCRA for Indian organisations) (If available)